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Jim Jochetz Jr.About the Photographer

Jim E. Jochetz Jr.

I am a child of the 70's... That means I know what a typewriter sounds like, what a needle on vinyl sounds like, what real sugar in sodas tastes like and what film is. I am a product of Catholic school; I played with Tonka trucks; I love cycling but I don't get to do it much (my dream is to shoot the Tour de France!); I have a degree in music from The University of Texas at Austin; I'm a Pisces and I love to travel.

I have been taking pictures since 3rd grade. I had a Kodak Instamatic camera with 126mm cartridge film that I got as a “hand me down”. Then, one Christmas, I got a 110mm Pocket Instamatic of my very own. Looking back, even with the cost of film in the 70s and the economy, I wore those cameras out. Then came the box... The Canon AE-1 that was given to me by my father. I still have this camera today, though I don't shoot it. The shutter has just been worked too hard. My first “photo gig” was the 8th grade carnival at St. Monica's Catholic School while I was a student there.... What was I going to do? Tell a nun no? Now, 40 years later. I am a fully digital shooter. I shoot Nikon, print on a Epson printer and couldn't be happier. I am primarily a commercial shooter but I enjoy getting the chance to stretch my legs in an artistic way.

Currently, I work as the Webmaster/Graphic Artist/Photographer at GT Distributors in Austin Texas. I produce images for their website and for print, as well as advertising pieces for the company. My work for them has been published on many Law Enforcement trade magazines and is currently hanging in the offices of the Safariland Armor research lab. Outside of that, I am available for freelance work including artistic photography, portraiture, commercial photography, graphic art and design, and logo design. I have had images used in ads in magazines such as “Digital Photo Pro”, “Popular Photography”, “American Photo”, “Practical Photography”, and more. I also had the good fortune having the winner of the “Marie Claire Front Row College Challenge ” use my images of her Marie Claire show on her blog and was briefly linked to that prestigious magazine's website.

I enjoy an extensive knowledge of Photoshop and its capabilities.

So there it is. I am an artist in a computer world. Musician, Photographer, Graphic artist, gun runner, poet and scoundrel.

I hope to work with you soon,

Jim Jochetz Jr.

Contact the Photographer: email - jochetz@gmail.com

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